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AmeriQual Proudly          Supports Our Warfighters

AmeriQual designs, develops, and delivers individual and group feeding rations to militaries around the globe. As a leading supplier to the U.S. military, we have been producing and providing high quality, great tasting food for more than 30 years. AmeriQual also provides global humanitarian and disaster relief rations for government and non-governmental organizations.

Individual Rations

Individual packaged operational rations are designed for individual or small groups where the levels of activity, intensity of combat or unstable tactical situations preclude use of field kitchens.

Group Rations

Group Rations feed more than one Warfighter at a time. These rations are nutritionally complete, unitized or pre-configured in grouped modules to support small or large group feeding in 18 or 50 person modules depending on the specific group ration type. The rations within the group platform service unique applications from remote self- heating in small groups to a range of modular configurations and types that support different feeding scenarios based on mission, availability of field kitchens and other support equipment.

Modules integrate Heat & Serve (H&S) and A-Rations with quick-prepared, user-friendly, brand name commercial food products to provide high-quality, complete meals.

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